Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now officially classified as a pandemic and is affecting lives and work around the globe. We want you to know what we are doing as a company to protect you and your families and mitigate the spread of this illness. This Subject will explain these measures and how you can assist us in our efforts to promote a safe and healthy environment both at work and at home.

NOTE: This Subject may be updated as new information is made available from local health and governmental bodies. 


You can learn more about the prevention of COVID-19 at the following addresses:



My Walk Royal will be sure to take all proper measurements to ensure the safety of others.


By doing so we will:

  • Maintain a safe working distance
  • Wash hands and sanitize while
  • Respecting each others working space

While working hard to ensure the safety of others, there may be an additional 2 week delay when receiving items purchased. We extremely apologetic. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you all so much for your continuous support.